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About the Canada Specialist Program

At Destination Canada, we want you to become Canada Specialists. We work directly with overseas travel companies to develop and sell Canada as a vacation destination. Travel agents who understand Canada’s tourism products are much more likely to influence consumers to visit Canada. We have created an educational tool—the Canada Specialist Program (CSP)—to help you become an expert in Canadian experiences. By completing this program, you'll learn about travel in Canada, earn an exclusive sales accreditation, access  bespoke sales tools and reduced travel rates, and your contact details may be posted on our national consumer web site.

Easy, value-packed learning

We’ve organized this program by Canadian experiences. This way you become an expert not just in Canada, but in all the unique experiences it offers to your clients, especially those who know exactly what type of holiday they want.

After completing the two foundation modules: Travel Information and Geography, you need to complete three experience-based modules to qualify as a qualified Canada Specialist. You can choose from these modules:

Each module has links to vital travel intelligence and Canadian experiences. Some links take you to our consumer websites, others lead you to weather pages, city transportation sites and maps

Once you pass, you'll have operator links, itineraries and resource material at your fingertips. We've designed this tool be inspiring and practical. We want you to use the CSP site as a learning, reference and sales tool. Here, you'll have all the information you need to sell Canada.